Ahlman Engineering Software

Vehicle Dynamics



Dynamic offers an intuitive custom-built graphical user interface for CarSim and SuspensionSim. Dynamic integrates a relational database, physics extensions to the CarSim model, custom post-processing and intuitive display of the resultant information. Ahlman Engineering also provides high-speed cloud computing integration with Dynamic’s Design of Experiments and batch run capabilities.


  • Flexibility to achieve results in both passenger car and motorsports use

  • Intuitive design and high usability for a wide range of users – from CAE specialists to development engineers

  • Application of fundamental physics uses increasing complexity only as necessary

  • Application support and custom software development experience


Custom Physics

  • Installation Stiffness
  • Dampers
  • Tires
  • Aerodynamics
  • External Model Integration
  • And more

Custom Events

  • 8-post Shaker
  • Kinematics and Compliance Rig
  • SuspensionSim Integration
  • Limit Handling

User Interface

  • Office form and function
  • User configurable layouts
  • Overrides and temporary changes
  • Table data plotter
  • Rapid prototyping with Excel and MATLAB

Information Sharing

  • True relational database
  • Import/export with conflict resolution
  • Model compare to highlight differences
Conflict Resolution Window

Design of Experiments & Batch Run

  • Understand the system and true sensitivities with interactions
  • DOE designs with factor dependencies
  • Automated creation of Excel spreadsheets for results analysis and optimization
  • High-speed cloud computing available for large analyses
Sensitivities Plot

Post-processing & Metrics

  • Write output to data analysis software files (e.g. Cosworth Pi Toolbox .PDS files)
  • User customizable metric calculations
  • Automated Excel spreadsheet for metrics display and analysis
Data Output


  • Full user manual
  • Technical reference covering model parameters
  • Demo videos to walkthrough more complex topics
Tech Reference Example